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Item - BSL - Edison 1923

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"You have pulled the clothing off Truth."

Edison's Autograph Signed Book Review
 an Author Signed Copy of the Book with Printing Error


Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Edison, Thomas A. (1847-1931). Inventor of the incandescent light, phonograph and many other everyday items we take for granted. Modern life would be impossible without him. Typed Letter Signed, 1 page 4to, Nov. 28, 1923, on the ornate letterhead of the Edison Laboratory to Preston M. Nolan. "Greetings to the Modern Rochefoucauld. Your book is fine. You have pulled the clothing off truth." Very Fine, with a beautiful bold "umbrella" signature. Nolan was a bank appraiser and author of novels, poetry and technical books. The book referred to is likely his Pertinent and Impertinent, published in 1923 (see below).  The Rochefoucauld referred to is: François VI, duc de La Rochefoucauld, le Prince de Marcillac (1613 - 1680), a noted French author of maxims, epigrams and memoirs.


Biographical Note on Thomas Edison

Over the desk at his Laboratory in Menlo Park, New Jersey, Edison kept the quotation: “Success is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration”. He never lost sight of the fact that thought must be married to action in order to produce results. The “result” was America’s most prolific inventor, a man who produced a phenomenal outpouring of scientific patents, business acumen, productivity and ground breaking innovation. From the Stock Market ticker, which mobilized the efficiency of American Stock Markets, to his favorite invention, the phonograph; from the incandescent light to the motion picture camera, Edison remains an icon of the American Dream. Edison was also a man of business. After inventing an Electric Vote Counter (again way ahead of his time!) which did not sell, he created a business invention - the stock ticker, which he developed in 1870. He sold it to a Wall Street firm for $40,000, a fortune at the time. He then invented the electric light and commercialized the era of electricity. Edison also invented a mimeograph machine, giving businesses the first break from the necessity of having all copies made by hand. Thomas Edison was the architect of Modern America. His 1,093 inventions were impressive, even more was his dedication to finding practical applications and improvements for his ideas. He firmly believed that Science had a duty to further the Enlightenment and Progress of Humanity. He firmly believed that Science was the key to the future. As a successful businessman he understood that advancing technologies were the lynchpin to a dominant economy; innovation drove efficiency, efficiency drove business.


Document Specifications: Typed Letter Signed (TLS) -
Very Fine Document on watermarked Wove Bond Paper. Watermarked “No 2 Bond with Sailing Ship”. Letter secretarially typed (FTR) from Edison’s dictation (TAE). Autograph signed by "Tho[ma]s A Edison" and datelined "Orange, N.J. November 28th 1923". Document measures approximately 8½w x 11h inches (215 x 280mm). Typed Letter is 1 page and has a printed letterhead that notes: "Cable Address 'Edison, New York.'" and "From the Laboratory of Thomas A. Edison, Orange, N.J.". Addressed to Mr. Preston M. Nolan, c/o Kable-Spalding Co., Chicago & Mount Morris, Ill. Two vertical and one horizontal original file folds. Very slight fold tear right margin.



Included is a Rare Signed Copy of Pertinent and Impertinent





Book Specifications: Very Fine 1926 Second Edition signed by Preston M. Nolan November 12, 1929 and dedicated to Edward Alex Parsons "a kindred spirit". Book measures 8" tall by 4⅝" wide. It has a heavy gray kraft paper over heavy card stock cover. Pages are signature sewn with several pages "not separated" through a printing flaw. Binding separation between title page and fly leaf but all pages intact and fully bound. Also includes, as an insert, the original Publisher's Printed Literary Blurb from Kable-Spalding from the "First Edition, For Private Distribution Only". It includes reviews by Winston Churchill, William Howard Taft, etc. 49 pages filled with witticisms, epigrams, aphorisms, advice and social commentary on the Roaring Twenties, which came to be known as "Nolanisms". A Very Nice Signed Adjunct to Edison's Signed Book Review.

           Preston M. Nolan

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