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Item BSL - Buffalo Bill 1910
Price $9,750



A Glorious & Beautiful Piece of True Americana & the American West



American Icon to the World
Pony Express Rider, Scout, Buffalo Hunter, Showman
Beautiful 1910 Double Signed Sepia Photograph


Image, Source: color film copy transparency

Image, Source: color film copy transparency LC-USZC6-57

Image, Source: color film copy transparency

William F. Cody "Buffalo Bill" (1846 - 1917)

Shown in full regalia this legendary character of American History rode on the Pony Express, hunted buffalo with the Plains Indians, scouted for the Army and ended up a consummate international showman: bringing to life the dime store novel representation of the American West. Less is known and appreciated of his Congressional Medal of Honor and  efforts to support Woman's Suffrage, Conservation and Native American Rights.

Biographical Note on William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody

“Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show” was the popular extravaganza of its day - bringing the mystique and excitement of the "American West" even to the Royal Courts of Europe. Historically ambiguous and chronologically arcane, it remained nonetheless, the embodiment of the dime store novel of the 1880's come to life. Reportedly born in Scott County, Iowa on February 26, 1846, William F. Cody was riding as a mounted messenger by age eleven; by the time he was fifteen he was riding for the Pony Express. He earned the sobriquet "Buffalo Bill' by providing buffalo meat for Kansas Railroad workers, having learned to hunt with the Plains Indians. As an Army Scout he led the 1867 winter rescue of a Calvary troop guided by "Wild Bill" Hickok and was appointed the Chief of Scouts for the 5th Calvary in 1868. In 1869 Ned Buntline wrote the first dime store novel featuring "Buffalo Bill". In 1872 Cody received the Congressional Medal of Honor for leading a daring night raid. The citation reads, in part: "commends Scout Cody for the manner in which he followed the trail, particularly at night during the storm of rain and for gallant conduct in the fight." In 1873 Hickok joined Cody on stage for the first theatrical presentation of the Wild West Show. By 1879, with the American West in decline, Cody, as a public figure, began to speak out for Native American rights. In 1883 the first outdoor Wild West Show opened in Omaha. In 1884 Annie Oakley joined the troupe; in 1885, Sitting Bull. Cody took his Wild West Show to England in 1887 and returned to France in 1889 staying to tour in Europe for four more years. He returned to the US in 1893 for the Columbian Exposition in Chicago. Cody also began to speak out in favor of women's suffrage and conservation: acquiring a huge tract of land in Wyoming that subsequently became Cody, Wyoming. In 1903 Cody and the show returned to Europe for another four year tour. In 1910, the date of this photograph, Cody was preparing the "Farewell Tour". His showmanship made it last until 1913 when the show went bankrupt and he was forced to tour with other companies. He died in January 1917, however, his historical cachet was such that he was not buried on Lookout Mountain above Denver, Colorado until June due to the shenanigans of a disreputable promoter. This extraordinary American Legend grew up in the true American West and carried its energy and romance across the globe. He personified the rugged and daring American Cowboy in the eyes of many. He is seated in this picture in full regalia; a sepia photograph of him wearing his best cowboy finery: laced, fringed and embroidered jacket and gloves, a hat covering his famous flowing white hair, mustache and goatee. The photo has been professionally mounted on a thick, ornate, grey, embossed matte. He has signed the matte "W. F. Cody, 'Buffalo Bill' 1910". An incredibly sharp image and very handsome photograph of "Buffalo Bill" - just as we expect to see him.

Document Specifications: Very Fine Mounted Sepia Toned Photograph Dated 1910, signed both "W.F. Cody" and "Buffalo Bill" in black ink on grey matte. Photo Measures 3 1/8w x 5 1/4h inches (93x135mm) professionally mounted on thick, ornate embossed 6w x 8h inch grey matte. There are small matte stains and a 3/4 inch tear on the right of the grey matte but none effect the photo or the signature. Other Notes: This matted photo has in turn been double matted in beige and brown to 8w x 10h inches overall (not shown)

 Image, Source: color film copy transparency          Image, Source: color film copy transparency

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