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Item Ref:  BSL - Vatican Railroad Lettersheet



Papal States illustrated letter sheet showing the first Railroad and Railway Station.  "Strade Ferrate nello stato Pontifico" meaning literally Iron Railway of the Pontifical State. Dated 24 September 1851. The first Railroad operated in the Roman States in 1839. Rare and desirable early Railroad Engraved Illustration showing the first Papal Railroad and Railroad Station.

Historical Note

Letter in French translated as follows:

Strado Ferrate                                                                                Rome, September 24, 1851
Nello Stato                                                                                            SUBJECT

My Dear Sir

    It is with great pleasure that we announce that our society has become determined to have you enter in participation with half of the benefits that are from the Italian committee, and that you will participate in the preparation (ink blot) tenth.
    Our entire society has contracted a debt vis-à-vis to you for the steadfast and perseverant way that you handled the negotiation and the unimaginable results that you obtained. For us, it is with great pleasure that we bestow upon you a token of our gratitude and satisfaction for all the efforts that you have made for us, and encouragement for those that you have yet to do.
    Accept, dear sir, the new assurance of our sincere affection.
                                                                                                 Your Servant
                                                                                                Clemente Altieri
                                                                                                 Cóme Conti

Document Specifications:
 Document is single sheet of woven paper folded to form four pages with writing and illustration on one page measuring 8
½" wide and 11" tall (215mm x 280mm) as shown.  Letter is written on the engraved illustrated lettersheet of the Papal Railway and showing the first Railroad and Railway Station in the Papal State.  Very Fine condition with only minor edge wear and folds.

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