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1899 - Kaiser Wilhelm II Appoints Privy Council Member

Item Ref:  BSL - Wilhelm II

Wilhelm II of Prussia and Germany
Friedrich Wilhelm Viktor Albert von Hohenzollern (1859 - 1941) was the last German Emperor (Kaiser) and King of Prussia, ruling from 1888 - 1918

Signatures of the Cabinet including Chancellor Hohenlohe and Prime Minister von Bülow

Signature of Kaiser Wilhelm II

Kaiser Wilhelm II appoints Dr. Count Ernst von Weyrauch, then Undersecretary of Education and Health, to the position of Privy Councillor with the title of Excellency. Fine, ornately engraved, large embossed State Seal, and with a huge bold signature of Wilhelm, countersigned by nine officials including Two Chancellors of Germany- Bernard von Bülow and Fürst (Prince) von Hohenlohe, both of whom tried unsuccessfully to restrain Wilhelm's disastrous policies of foreign aggression which eventually led to World War I and a long series of disasters for Germany

Historical Note

Kaiser Wilhelm was born in Berlin to Crown Prince Friedrich and his wife, Victoria, Princess Royal of the United Kingdom (eldest daughter of Queen Victoria). His mother was also the aunt of Russian Empress Alexandra (wife of Tsar Nicholas II) and sister of British King Edward VII. A traumatic breech birth left him with a withered left arm due to Erb's Palsy, which he tried with some success to conceal. Wilhelm was educated at Kassel at the Friedrichsgymnasium and the University of Bonn. He was possessed of a quick intelligence, but unfortunately this was often overshadowed by a cantankerous temper. Wilhelm also took a certain interest in the science and technology of the age, but though he liked to pose, in conversation, as a man of the world, he remained convinced that he belonged to a distinct order of mankind, designated for monarchy by the grace of God. Wilhelm was accused of megalomania as early as 1894, by German pacifist Ludwig Quidde. Wilhelm idolized his grandfather, Wilhelm I and  was instrumental in later attempts to foster a cult of the first German Emperor as "Wilhelm the Great". Wilhelm I died in Berlin on March 9, 1888, and Prince Wilhelm's father was subsequently proclaimed emperor as Friedrich III. But Kaiser Friedrich was dying of throat cancer, and on 15th June of that same year his 29 year-old son succeeded him as German Emperor and King of Prussia.

Perhaps Wilhelm's primary impact upon German political and cultural development was his change of the country's position from the Realpolitic of Bismarck to the Weltpolitic view that saw Germany as a major player in the world community which could compete on a grand global scale. This necessitated the dismissal of Bismarck who was more concerned with regional power and consolidation and the appointment of more agreeable Cabinet members who would carry out his concepts of German Empire. He lusted after a military and especially a navy comparable to Britain's. He pushed hard for the development of an expansive colonial empire to provide resources and markets for a German global economic footprint.

Here is a very Fine Cabinet Appointment with his bold and dark signature.

1 page Document – Signed and Dated: March 6, 1899
Text as Follows:

We Wilhelm
King of Prussia, etc.
by the Grace of God

proclaim and herewith announce with solemnity that we deigned to appoint Dr. Ernst von Weyrauch, current Undersecretary to the Ministry of Education and Health Affairs to Privy Councillor. Carrying the title of Excellency. This appointment was made trusting that his Excellency shall continue keeping steadfast loyalty to the Sovereign, whereas in turn his Excellency shall be commended to Our highest protection and shall enjoy the privileges befitting the character of such high office. This document was caused to be authenticated by affixing Our Royal Seal to same. Signed at Ermlin Castle, the sixth day of March 1899.

[Seal of State]                                                 Wilhelm II [signature]


Royal Embossed Seal

Docketing Information

Also Signed by:
As Chancellor of Germany: Chlodwig Karl Victor Fürst zu Hohenlohe-Schillingsfürst (1819 – 1901) was a German statesman and Chancellor of Germany 1894-1900.
As Foreign Minister: Prince Bernhard Heinrich Karl Martin von Bülow (1849 – 1929) who later served as Chancellor of the German Empire from 1900 to 1909. Dr Robert Bosse (minister of ecclesiastical affairs), Ernst Freiherr von Hammerstein-Loxten (Prussian minister of agriculture) and other Cabinet members.

Document Specifications:
This document measures 8.5"wide x 13" tall ( 210mm x 330mm).  It is is very fine condition. Document is Signed by Wilhelm II as King of Prussia, a 1 page folio and dated March 6, 1899.  It is also signed by nine Cabinet members including the current and future Chancellors of Germany.  There is a large albino impressed State Seal to the left of Wilhelm's signature. The document has one horizontal and one vertical fold. There is docketing information on the reverse side.

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