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William IV - King of England (1765-1837) reigned 1830 - 1837

A Future King Rejoices to Help the Poor at Christmas
"I rejoice I have had it in my power to make 32 people happy for one day"
Bold, Dark and Beautiful Personal Letter with Strong Signature

Historical Note

William IV (1765-1837). King of Great Britain. Handwritten, Signed Letter on personal black edged stationary, one page 4to, Dateline: Hanover, Jan. 3, 1819 to Daniell approving of the distribution of poultry as a Christmas gift to the poor.

Handwritten 1 page Letter Signed and Dated: January 3, 1819
Text as Follows:


Ir:22 [in reply to yours of the 22nd]

Dear Daniell:
    [Received] Yours 2e:22 [your second letter of the 22nd previous] and its invoices enclosures ... near one this morning. I return them of course signed. I am glad the Poultry Yard is reduced and approve of your distribution of the Geese, Ducks and Turkies [sic]: you were quite right in selling the Hams ... I rejoice that I have had it in my power to make 32 people happy for one day. The Duchess desires to be kindly remembered and is I trust in God advancing most favorably in her present situation. I wish you all health and happiness and ever remain.
                                                                 Yours sincerely

William had married the Duchess, Adelaide, just the previous year. A wonderful testament to the generosity of the rather maligned William, who was at this time living not only in the shadow of his father, George III, who was still barely alive and reigning, but also of his older brother George, the Prince Regent who would become King a year later.

Document Specifications:  Document in very fine condition of wove paper stationary, watermarked "AF", measures folded as shown 8" wide x 9.75" tall (204mm x 260mm) consisting of a single black bordered sheet folded to make four pages.  Writing is on one page only with a small docketing notation on another. Very slight tear less than an inch in right margin fold.  A warm personal letter giving insight to the mind of William IV - Last of the Hanoverian Kings of England.

Offered by Berryhill & Sturgeon, Ltd.

End of Item - BSL - William IV 1819

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