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BSL - Lincoln-1864 Appointment





 Abraham Lincoln (1809 -1865)
Lincoln 1864 Presidential Appointment

From Libby Prison to Lincoln Appointee

Commission Signed by Lincoln for an Officer
 Who Was Held in the Notorious Libby Prison
A Large Beautiful Presidential Document with Bold Lincoln Signature
Countersigned by Edwin M. Stanton as Secretary of War

Lincoln, Abraham (1809-1865). President who preserved the Union. Document Signed as President, 1 page folio on vellum, dated Aug. 1, 1864, appointing Adam Miller a 1st Lieutenant in the Veteran Reserve Corps. Included is an application by Miller’s son, who himself fought in World War 1, for membership in the Military Order of the Loyal Legion, based on the Civil War service of his father. Adam Miller (1839-1916) was a 21 year old accountant who enlisted in May, 1861. He was mustered into the 2nd Massachusetts Infantry, and by 1862 was an officer. He fought in the Valley against Jackson and at Antietam, and was eventually promoted to major by brevet. According to his son, Miller was captured by the Confederates and confined in the dreaded Libby Prison. After his release, and as indicated by this Appointment, he served in the Veteran Reserve Corps for the remainder of the war. His son was a Lt. Colonel in World War 1, serving with the A.E.F. in France. The document has a fine bold full signature of Lincoln. Stanton's countersignature and the accomplishment are somewhat lighter, and there has been some rubbing to the engraved vignettes. So often Lincoln documents on the market appoint unknown people to positions of little importance. This wonderful example rewards an officer who was one of those who had truly "borne the battle”.


This Application is included in the Offering

Document Specifications: Very Fine Document on single sheet parchment measuring 15˝ inches wide by 19˝ inches tall. It is signed by "Abraham Lincoln" as President and "E. M. Stanton" as Secretary of War.  It bears a large blue impressed Seal of State.  Due to its printing on Parchment (vellum) there has been some slight wear to the engraved images, but Lincoln's signature is bold and strong.  The mottled spots on the images are not actually stains, but small scanning shadows caused by the uneven surface of the parchment. Several original file folds, one through Lincoln's signature.  Docketing notation upper left quadrant.

 Offered by Berryhill & Sturgeon, Ltd.

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