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During the latter part of the 1800's in Sweden, if a letter required quick delivery (equivalent to today's Express Mail) this was signified by affixing one or more feathers in a wax seal. Known in Sweden as a Fjäderbrev. These are known from roughly the 1760's to about the 1840's. This is a beautiful early example with the bright red seal and feathers intact and in excellent condition

An Official Proclamation letter sent to Helsinki on January 3, 1774, during the time of King Gustaf III, concerning the delivery of grain to the Royal or Military Storage House (Krono Magazinet i Helsingfors). The letter is directing grain to be picked up by the 15th of January and accounted for upon arrival. The grain is designated to be to be consumed by the military troops stationed in Helsinki, rather than the public. Finland, at this time, was a fairly rich agricultural country with an abundant production of grain. Sweden maintained a strong military contingent, largely stationed in Helsinki, to defend its interests in Finland, at that time a vassal Grand Duchy, from the Russians, but which they subsequently ceded to Russia in 1809. The letter is signed by Wättling. The Cover Address panel directs it to be published upon arrival. Contents in Swedish.

Document Description: Condition is Very Fine. Manuscript letter on single sheet, batonne laid paper, folded. Text on two pages. Contains two feathers embedded in red wax (indicating an urgent express message on royal business). Manuscript markings showing postal delivery through the Swedish Royal Crown Post to Helsinki, Finland for public proclamation. The unfolded text page measures ≈ 205mm wide x 330mm high or 8" wide by 13" tall. Swedish Royal Feather letters from the reign of Gustav III, in very fine condition like this, are scarce to rare.

Svensk Kronopost - Swedish Royal Crown Post
with Kronoslinga - Crown Coil (meander)

First Page

Second Page Closing
3 January 1774 signed (O.F.)? Wättling

Front Address Panel

Post Detail:
 Crown Coil  of the Royal Post

The wavy line (known as a meander) with two horizontal lines through it and three stylized "crowns" in the spaces (all together known as a Crown Coil or Kronoslinga) was the indicia that this was to be sent through the Royal Swedish Crown Post. The Cover Address panel directs it to be published upon arrival. The two feathers (out of three possible) indicate it is a very urgent message. Swedish Royal Feather letters from the reign of Gustav III in very fine condition are scarce to rare.

Beautiful intact Seal showing Royal Crown

Wavy Line Meander Crown Coil

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